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How Much Does Fence Repair in Rhode Island Cost?

January 10, 2020

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Your expected fence repair in Rhode Island costs will vary according to the extent of damage and fence materials, as well as any additional work you want to have done, such as a new coat of paint, new gate, fresh stain on a wood fence, and the like. However, no matter those fence repair costs in Rhode Island, it’s vital that you ensure your property is surrounded by a sturdy fence and that you leave this job to the pros!

Most homeowners find that fence repair costs in Rhode Island average between $150 and $400. Crack repair of a wood fence and other solid panel materials might run between $125 and $300. Adding new features and details to the fence increases those costs overall.

A home’s fence is a vital part of your property’s security and enhances your overall curb appeal. A strong fence in good condition is even more important if you have children or pets, or live in a high-crime neighborhood. If you’ve been putting off fence repair in Rhode Island costs or are thinking you can patch up your home’s fence on your own, you might first note some vital information about fencing patchwork and other fixes needed, and why this job is best left to the pros.

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Why Invest in Fence Repair in Rhode Island Costs

Before you decide that you can put off needed Rhode Island fence repairs, you might note some reasons why it’s recommended you invest in this needed work for your home and property. This will ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your property secure and in good condition, both inside your home and out!

  • Holes in a fence allow unwelcome animals into your yard, including neighborhood dogs and cats who then might dig up your lawn and landscaping features and leave droppings behind. You might also be liable for injury to that animal while on your yard even if you didn’t let them in willingly!
  • Holes in a fence also make it easier for raccoons and other pests to make their way to your trash or to find a way inside your home as well.
  • Children and pets might make their way out of the yard through a hole in the fence, or suffer injury from broken wires, slats, and other such pieces.
  • Broken pieces of a wood fence allow moisture buildup, leading to increased risk of wood rot and other serious damage. The longer you put off fence repairs, the more serious and costly this damage is to fix!
  • A broken fence is like an open invitation for thieves and intruders! While broken slats and other fence damage might make it easier for an intruder to make their way onto your property, they might also assume that you’re just as negligent about your home’s security as you are about the upkeep of a fence.
  • Holes and missing slats of panel fences or wood fences compromise your privacy, giving neighbors a clear view of your patio or deck.
  • Broken fences, chips, holes, cracks, missing slats, and other such damage detract from your home’s overall appearance, while fence repair in Rhode Island enhances curb appeal in an instant.
  • Loose connectors and other pieces of a broken fence might make their way across your lawn where you then hit them with a lawnmower! Those pieces might become airborne and be a danger to you or your property or cause extensive damage to your lawn care equipment.

Why Fence Repair in Rhode Island Is Not a DIY Job

While proper fence repair in Rhode Island is vital, it’s also not a DIY job! Using the wrong connectors on wood fences leads to an increased risk of split or otherwise damaged wood, which means even more damage down the road. Split or damaged wood might also need added coating or other treatment so that it’s strong enough for reuse, while some wood slats need outright replacement.

It’s also vital to note that chain link fencing is often sharp and dangerous to handle. Trying to cut, twist, or otherwise fabricate lengths of new fencing or damaged fencing can result in injury. Improper bracing or repairs of a fence might also result in sagging of certain sections so that you face new repairs down the road!

Some fences might also require a new application of coating to keep materials protected from elements. Broken slats, cut wires, and other pieces often compromise those coatings so that simply putting those broken pieces back into place is insufficient for fence repair in Rhode Island! For all these reasons, it’s best to call a fence repair contractor in Rhode Island for the repairs you need to have done.

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When You Need a New Fence Installation in Rhode Island

While fence repair in Rhode Island typically brings any fence back to life, you might note when it’s time to consider a new fence for your property as well as reasons why an upgraded or updated fence style is a better choice for your home.

  • A solid panel fence provides privacy as well as noise insulation! If you like to entertain, listen to the radio on your patio, or have noisy neighbors, a solid panel wood or vinyl fence can mean added privacy and a more comfortable environment overall.
  • Solid panel fences also blocks wind around a pool, reducing the amount of dust and debris that winds up in pool water. Less wind is also typically more enjoyable for swimmers!
  • If you have noisy dogs, note that a solid panel fence blocks their view of surrounding properties and sidewalks. They may be less bothered by neighbors, joggers, and other animals with a solid panel fence around your yard.
  • Wood fences offer lots of visual appeal and a rustic look that offsets a modern home and creates a cozier environment than a standard chain link fence.
  • Tall security fences with pointed finials are difficult to scale and an excellent choice in areas prone to break-ins.
  • White vinyl fences behind colorful flowers allow those buds to stand out and get noticed!

Keep these points in mind when considering your fence repair in Rhode Island costs. A new fence can sometimes be more cost-efficient than those repair bills and can mean a more comfortable environment on your property overall.


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