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How Much is Fence Installation in Rhode Island?

April 9, 2021

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A new fence installation in Rhode Island is an excellent investment for any property! Fences keep out intruders and wildlife, provide privacy and noise insulation, and improve curb appeal. They also show where your property ends and a neighbor’s begins, increase property values, and block dirt, dust, and debris from settling in your pool.

Costs for fence installation in Rhode Island vary according to materials chosen, the size of your yard, how tall you want that fence, and other such factors. While only a fence installation contractor can give you an accurate, precise quote for fencing for your property, note some average pricing for various fencing options so you know what you might expect for your yard.

vinyl fence installation ri

Privacy Fence Installation in Rhode Island

A privacy fence is an excellent choice for blocking the view between you and your neighbors, and for added sound insulation as well! Privacy fences also block the view of your dogs, reducing barking at joggers and other passersby.

A privacy fence also blocks the view of potential thieves and intruders who might be trying to scope out your outdoor equipment and everyday coming and goings. Taller privacy fences are also difficult to climb, also helping to keep out potential thieves. A solid panel fence also blocks wind around a pool so that water doesn’t cool off as easily, and helps keep out dust, dirt, and other debris.

A wood privacy fence installation in Rhode Island might average between $10 and $30 per linear foot, while vinyl might run a bit higher, between $20 and $40 per linear foot. Despite its higher price tag, note that wood needs consistent maintenance including sealing, fresh paint, and patching, while vinyl is virtually maintenance-free. Investing in a vinyl privacy fence installation in Rhode Island might be more expensive at the outset but it can mean far less cost over the lifetime of home ownership!

Chain Link or Hurricane Fence Installation in Rhode Island

Chain link fencing might not provide a lot of privacy but it’s a very affordable option for any property, and works well when you simply need to mark off property boundaries or keep dogs and children in the yard. Most chain link fence materials might run $7 per linear foot for materials and an additional $10 per linear foot for labor.

Costs for chain link fence installation in Rhode Island goes up if you add specialty details. For example, powder coating, similar to painting, might run $10 per linear foot for materials. Powder coating allows you to create a nice backdrop for landscaping or add privacy; for instance, a white chain link fence allows flowers to stand out and get noticed, while a black hurricane fence can blur someone’s view into your yard!

wrought iron metal fence rhode island

Aluminum Fence Installation in Rhode Island

Aluminum has taken the place of wrought iron for many homeowners, as aluminum is more affordable, easier to fabricate into various shapes, and naturally resistant to rust. Aluminum pickets also offer an upscale look, and pointed finials at the top of those pickets help discourage climbers and potential intruders.

An aluminum fence installation in Rhode Island might cost anywhere from $17 to $90 per linear foot, although most homeowners will see their costs stay at the low end of those averages. Specialty coatings and installing the fence over hills and other obstacles might raise your average price, but most residential property owners might pay between $2000 and $4000 on average, total, for an aluminum fence installation.

Wire Fence Installation in Rhode Island

Wire fencing is affordable and durable, and helps keep smaller wildlife such as rodents and rabbits out of your yard and garden! Wire fencing can also be installed with a wide variety of posts including thick wood beams, for a rustic yet upscale look that enhances any property.

The main advantage of wire fencing is its price, usually about $1 to $3 per linear foot. A homeowner can also install wire fencing themselves by attaching it to posts with heavy-duty staples, allowing you to work that fencing around your garden, landscaping features, pet enclosures, and any other feature on your property.

If you’re searching for the best fence installation in Rhode Island, call us here at Fence Company of Rhode Island. We offer a wide range of fence materials, heights, and other options, ensuring a perfect for your residential or commercial property. We also provide full-service fence repairs and maintenance, keeping your property’s current fence in good condition year-round. To find out more or to get started with your FREE quote for your needed fence installation in Rhode Island, give us a call today!


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