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Attractive Styles of Fencing in RI

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Looking for Fencing in RI to Complement Your Landscape?

Wood, plastic, metal, and more! We've got something for all.
Deciding to take the plunge and put up a fence in RI is a big decision. There are so many different styles and looks to choose from, but the Rhode Island Fence Company is here to help you every step of the way. We work with wood, plastic, and metal fencing styles that are sure to enhance the charm and beauty of any property as well as increase security and privacy. Our team of talented fence specialists knows which style will work best for your environment based on your needs, location, and landscape. 

The right fence not only adds curb appeal and charm to your residential or commercial property, but it also enhances security. This is great for business owners or people who live in areas that require added protection. We've spent years installing and repairing the fences in Providence, Warwick, Cranston, and Pawtucket. 

Our experience and desire to please our customers runs deep. We offer competitive rates and always give our clients a FREE estimate. You can count on our team for a job well done 100% of the time! Which style and look will you choose? 
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Check Out Our Timeless Fencing Styles in RI

Charming & Aesthetically Wood Fencing in Rhode Island

Wood fencing in RI is truly a timeless classic. There are numerous benefits that go with wooden fences that our team of experts wants you to know about. For starters, a wooden fence is one of the most cost-efficient styles to choose from because it uses organic material that is readily available. Wood can be crafted into many different looks that range from board on board to paddock. Plus, this type of fence is very easy to install and can be up within a day depending on the size. 

Did you know that wood is very easy to customize? You can show  a picture of a look that you like or detail your ideas to us and we can make them happen! We are partial to wooden fences because they are environmentally friendly and don't cause harm to you, your plants, or wildlife. The Fence Company of Rhode Island cares about the earth and your safety. Do you want your fence painted or stained? Wood makes it possible. Get in touch with us today for a FREE estimate. Let's get this done!
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Metal Fence Installation in RI is  Our Specialty

Metal fencing in RI has come a long way since the colonial days. We still do install many metal materials, there are other forms that we utilize. Aluminum and chain link are the two most popular choices. There are plenty of reasons to go the metal fence route when you're trying to choose a style. Metal fencing is cost-efficient, despite what many people may think. 

We've seen it fit nicely into a variety of home improvement budgets. Steel and aluminum are great for security purposes, as they are durable and not easy to compromise. This deters thieves and nosy people from entering your space. The maintenance of metal fencing in RI is seriously low compared to other styles. Contrary to popular belief, metal fencing does not rust. Steel has an aesthetic modern look that many homes and business owners find appealing. 

You might discover that a metal fence is just what you've always been looking for. Let our technicians help you. Call us today!
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Is Plastic Fencing in RI the Right Choice for You?

Plastic Fencing in Rhode Island is a great choice for homeowners looking to make their property pop with curb appeal. It is aesthetically pleasing and can mimic a wood fence in Rhode Island. Vinyl and PVC fences are easy to install and maintain, which leads them to have quite a long lifespan. 

Because of this, your overall costs will be fairly economical. The Rhode Island Fence Company can help you with all of your commercial and residential plastic fencing needs. We install and repair. Call us!
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Numerous Fence Styles for You to Choose From

When you're looking for the perfect fence installation in RI, set your sights on the Fence Company of Rhode Island. We have many years of experience helping our customers choose the most affordable and aesthetically pleasing fence for their property. We gladly serve the areas of Providence, Warwick, Cranston, and Pawtucket for your convenience. 

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– GARY P. 

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Our Service Areas for Fencing in Rhode Island

The Fence Company of Rhode Island has been serving the cities and surrounding areas of Rhode Island, including Providence, Warwick, Cranston, and Pawtucket for many years. From fence repair in Rhode Island to professional installation you can count on, our crew to erect the perfect fence on your commercial or residential property.

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