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Durable Wood Fences in Rhode Island

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Classic, Charming Wood Fences in Rhode Island - We Build 'em Right! 

For decades, wood has been a top choice for fencing. 
It's easy to see why wood fences in Rhode Island are so popular. They are aesthetically pleasing, clean, and fit the landscape of almost any property. Wood is an organic substance that is easy to come by, is incredibly cost-effective, and very easy to craft into the styles and looks that you want. You'll find that wood, unlike other materials, is quite adaptable. Do you want your fence to be stained or painted in the color of your choice? It's easy for the Fence Company of Rhode Island to do this for your wooden fence. Are you looking to increase the value of your property? A wood fence in RI will do just that, as well as add additional curb appeal. Contact our team today for a FREE estimate and consultation.
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Our Cedar Fences in RI are a Perfect Fit for Your Property

Cedar wood is one of the most beautiful materials to use when constructing a fence, deck, or enclosure. It can be stacked both horizontally and vertically to create the look and appeal that you desire. Cedar is a great choice for homeowners but it also looks great in front of many different businesses. The number one reason so many people opt for a cedar fence in RI is because of how attractive it is. The color and smell of the wood are incredible! Cedar is also insanely durable and doesn't easily break down when the outside elements fall upon it. Also, cedar wood is quite affordable. When building a wood fence in Rhode Island, our technicians often recommend cedar.
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Bamboo is the Most Eco-Friendly Wood Fence in RI

When you're looking for an earth-friendly fence option, you should set your sights on bamboo. This material can be harvested much faster than traditional wood because it grows 20 times faster. In fact, bamboo isn't a wood at all but rather a grass that can be made into a wood product. You may not think bamboo is durable, but it is extremely hard and is even stronger than most woods. this style of fencing is much cheaper than traditional wooden fences and has a very minimalist look and appeal. If you like to keep things simple, affordable, and good for the environment then bamboo is a shoo-in for you! Get in touch with our friendly technicians today!
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Pine Fencing is an Option for Wood Fencing in Rhode Island

Of all the options for wood fencing in Rhode Island, pine is probably the most cost-efficient. Not only is your initial investment going to be cheaper than other materials and styles, but also over time. Pine, if installed and treated properly, can last a lifetime. Another perk of pine is that it ages incredibly gracefully. Did you know that as pine matures it transforms into a gorgeous golden color? You wouldn't have to paint pine if you didn't want to, which would save you even more money. Our Rhode Island fencing technicians are experienced when it comes to installing and repairing pine, and you can count on us to get your pine fence standing tall and proud within a day or two. Call us now!
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We're Wizards for Wood Fence Installation in Rhode Island!

When it comes to installing wood fences in Rhode Island, you can count on our fence company to give you exactly what you envision: a gorgeous wooden fence that'll last a lifetime! We've worked many years in the fencing industry and know all the ins and outs about fence installation, maintenance, and repairs in Rhode Island. Our talents are reflected in our flawless workmanship. Whether you need a wooden fence for your residential or commercial property, you can depend on our crew to make it happen. We offer competitive pricing, FREE estimates, and a willingness to stay on the job until the fence that we build you meets your standards. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us soon. Call now!
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Whether you're looking for the classic appeal of a wood fence in Rhode Island or you want a metal or plastic design know that our technicians can take care of you. We provide installation and repair services for a variety of fences types and styles for your convenience. We provide fence services to the entire state of Rhode Island!

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