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Cedar fences in Rhode Island are off some of the most popular wood choices, and it's because this fence style is breathtakingly gorgeous, ages well, and carries that familiar cedar scent that we all know and enjoy. When you're seeking out fence installation in RI and are unsure of the type of wood you should go with, consider cedar as an option. Our experienced, local Rhode Island fence company can further explain the benefits of this amazing wood during your FREE consultation and include a no-charge estimate. There is no time like the present to add a brand new cedar fence to your property. We look forward to hearing from your, so call or email our staff right now!
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Cedar Fences in Rhode Island are Known for Longevity

Rhode Island normally sees some very ravenous winters that can do a real number on your outdoor fixtures, especially poorly made fences. However, a cedar fence, when properly installed and treated, will withstand harsh winters like a champ. You can count on our cedar fences in Rhode Island lasting a lifetime while maintaining a straight and aligned appearance. That's one of the best aspects of cedar; it'll retain it's shape no matter the circumstances. Are you ready to give cedar a try? Call us!
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Customizing a Cedar Fence is Easy and Affordable

A wonderful thing about choosing a cedar fences in Rhode Island, is the ability to custom design the look and style. You can easily paint or stain this type of wood without any problem as it is a porous, organic material that totally soaks up these chemicals leaving you with a gorgeous finish. However, if you like a more rugged look, you can leave your cedar fence "naked" and let it gracefully age into a light golden and eventually vintage gray color. Are you ready to get your cedar fence installed?
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The Fence Company of Rhode Island Puts You First

Putting a structure up, like a cedar fence, in your front yard or around your business, is something that needs to be done right. It's always best to hire an experienced and local Rhode Island fence company to handle this job. We take the time necessary to pay attention to all of the small details that are important to you. We are known as one of the best fence companies in Rhode Island for a reason and that is because of our amazing work ethic, dedication, and willingness to always go the extra mile for you.
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Needed a fence for my pool yard, and Fence Company of Rhode Island did more than deliver...! Great selection of fences, quick installation, and affordable pricing. Thanks!

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Designing, installing, and repairing fences is what we do best! Our team looks forward to erecting the perfect cedar fence in Rhode Island for your property. We also work with metal and plastic fencing so that you have plenty of options to choose from when you choose The Fence Company of Rhode Island.

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